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AV rentacar - car rental in Yerevan.

AV Car Rental is one of the leading companies in the rental market and rental vehicles of various levels in Armenia. Our car fleet offers a wide range of vehicles remarkable for its elevated comfort and superior performance, special-purpose vehicles for business and recreation, average and full-sized models, off-road vehicles, minibuses and unique cars. What you need is to choose the very car you wish. All the offered cars belong to our company and the high level of service and highly qualified drivers will pleasantly surprise you.

For travelling outside Armenia AV Company also offers off-road vehicles for heavy-going areas of Armenia, tour minibuses and others provided with drivers who are well versed in the map of Armenia and will do their utmost to make your holiday or business trip took place in the atmosphere of the highest comfort.

Upon arrival in Armenia, we can welcome you in a car preliminarily selected by you and drive you to your accommodation.

We also offer a wide range of vehicles for solemn events and occasions (weddings, baptisms, birthdays, "Farewell Bells") including retro cars, phaetons, motorcycles, accompanying cars, off-road vehicles etc.

When renting a vehicle for more than three days, we offer significant discounts. To rent a car in Yerevan, you are required to produce a photocopy of a driver's license and passport, make a deposit and sign a contract with our company which will not take much of your time. The minimum term for car rental in Armenia is 8 hours, the maximum period is not limited.

Rental fees depend on the selected model of the car. They are available at our website where you can see a list of currently available cars. Daily and weekly rental of special cars is available at any time – simply dial the following phone numbers: 077007979, 098040403, 099909000. Foreigners and guests of Armenia will easily find our car rental office. We are located at 9 Paronyan Str, Yerevan.


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